Fotheringham Street Enmore

Previous owners have carried out ill-considered and poorly constructed renovations over the years.

  • the First Floor balcony was 'enclosed and the double doors to the bedroom removed. The original cast-iron 'lacework' and friezes were either removed or covered up and the Bedroom receives almost no natural light
  • the Ground Floor front timber window was replaced with an unsuitable aluminium window
  • the floor of the single-storey rear Kitchen is laid with a 100mm fall in order to finish at the level of the rear yard
  • a sub-standard Bathroom is located directly off the Kitchen/Dining area
  • the laundry is located at the rear of the Bathroom, but is accessible only from outside
  • a crudely constructed shed is located at the rear of the Laundry
  • there is no direct visual or physical access from the Kitchen/Dining area to the north-facing rear yard.

The new owner commissioned this office to:

  • reinstate the front balcony and the double doors in the Bedroom;
  • provide new side windows to increase light and ventilation into both First Floor Bedrooms;
  • provide a new side entry and increase the natural light into the Living Room;
  • totally rearrange the rear single-storey area to incorporate a new Kitchen/ Family Room, Laundry and Shower Room; and
  • open up the rear wall of the Family Room to provide visual and physical access to the rear yard.

Our design solution satisfied all of the owner's requirements and Marrickville Council has issued Development Consent and a Construction Certificate.