#1 - Alterations + Additions

#2 - Roof Conversion

Philip Street Bondi


The first commission for the owner of this semi-detached house was for the provision of a new Bathroom, Kitchen and Laundry at Ground Floor level and a new second storey containing a Bedroom and Bathroom.

As with most projects of this kind, the owner assumed that the second storey would be located directly over the front section of the house and that one of the two front Bedrooms would be lost to provide stair access.

The design solution; however, did not follow this assumption. Having regard to the premium on floor space in these small semis and the importance of maintaining the streetscape (roof height and massing), we proposed:

  • the removal of one wall between Living + dining;
  • a new Kitchen and small Eating area at the rear;
  • a new Bathroom between the Kitchen and the Dining;
  • a narrow stair from the Eating area with a Laundry alcove below; and
  • a new Bedroom and Bathroom at First Floor level completely independent from the existing front tiled roof.

In this way, the line of the front roof ridge remained unaffected and the new second storey would be 'invisible' from the front.

A steeply pitched roof over the Kitchen/Eating areas creates a feeling of 'space' and maximizes the amount of cupboard space. It also provides vision between the Kitchen/Eating area and the First Floor.

The Kitchen/Eating area opens directly onto the new rear tiled Courtyard.


The second commission from the same owner was for the conversion of the existing attic space to create a Bedroom-cum-Study, accessed from the First Floor Bedroom beyond.

This was achieved with the inclusion of a single dormer window (without the need for altering the existing front roof ridge height) and the construction of a 'link' between the Attic space and the adjacent Bedroom.

The owner is delighted with the result, and has referred the services of this office to a number of potential clients.