Watson Street Bondi

The brief for these alterations + Additions was for a two storey addition comprising a new Kitchen, Family Room/ Dining Room, Kitchen + Laundry at Ground Floor level, and a Bedroom and En-suite at First Floor level.

To minimize the visual impact of a two-storey addition, the new roof was designed on a 45o pitch to match the existing main roof. The existing stair serving the existing attic rooms above the main house was used to gain access to the new Bedroom. The ceilings in the new Bedrooms were set so as to minimize the projection of the new roof above the existing. As the photographs show, the new two-storey additions at the rear have minimal visual impact from the front footpath.

The owners requested maximum use of glass in the Family Room and Bedroom notwithstanding the western aspect. A sunscreen in front of the Bedroom windows was designed to minimize sun penetration during the summer months. The use of tinted glass in all windows further reduces glare and heat gain.

The new downstairs Bathroom looks out into a small screened and landscaped courtyard, which has allowed the use of clear glass, without curtains or blinds.