Wonderland Avenue Tamarama

The first commission for the owners of this two storey dwelling, which unfortunately resembled a block of flats, was to create large outdoor Terraces at both levels, with direct access from the house, and to re-arrange the internal layout to provide open-plan Kitchen/Dining/Living at the bottom level and a new main Bedroom + En-suite at the top level.

This was achieved by completely removing the back wall and constructing fully glazed walls to the south and east, opening directly onto new large cantilevered concrete Terraces with clear structural glass balustrades.

The alterations and additions have opened up stunning views to Tamarama Beach and the Ocean and into the lush Tamarama Gully.

Recently, this office was commissioned to design a 'Parent's Retreat' in the space below the bottom Terrace. Construction of this retreat has been completed.