Tramway Museum at Loftus

The Tramway Museum at Loftus has operated for many years out of a number of 'tin sheds' with no permanent souvenir shop or formal 'Entry.'

A few years ago developers, Meriton Apartments, obtained permission to demolish the old YMCA building in Bathurst Street, in the SYDNEY CBD, and to re-develop that site.

A condition of approval, however, was that the original stone fašade had to be catalogued, carefully dismantled, and re-erected somewhere in Sydney, to the approval of the Council of the City of Sydney, and at Meriton's expense.

The Tramway Museum was able to obtain permission from the Council for the re-location of the facade to their Loftus site, and to this end, a new building was required.

Alan L Wright & Associates, Structural Engineers, commissioned this office to design a new building, annexed to the existing Museum building, to incorporate the YMCA stone fašade and to simulate a Pitt St Sydney block.

The brief required:

  • a formal 'entry' into the Ground Floor souvenir/information space
  • direct visual and physical access into the Museum display area from the First Floor:
  • the possibility of using the First Floor area for functions;
  • space for archives and storage. The two upper levels will be used for this purpose.

The concrete structure was completed and the stone fašade re-erected, as shown in the attached photos. Work on the project is continuing.

The Museum survives solely through ticket sales, donations from the public, the tireless efforts of volunteers, and the generosity of philanthropists.

The renovation/rebuilding of historic trams from Australia and around the world is carried out, on site, by volunteers, who give freely of their time, and by workers under the 'Work-for-the-Dole' scheme.

For those interested in learning more about the Museum or donating their time or money, the telephone number at the Sydney Tramway Museum is +61 2 9542 3646 or fax +61 9545 3390.

Tax deductible donations of $2 and more, made payable to the Tramway Museum Fund, may be sent to P.O. Box 103 Sutherland NSW 1499.

The Sydney Tramway Museum is the operating name for the South Pacific Electric Railway Cooperative Society Limited.

Trams are operated over 3km of track on Wednesdays, Sundays and Public Holidays and at other times for groups, as arranged. There is a display hall, ride through the National Park, and a picnic area with electric BBQ adjacent to the former Railway Square Waiting Shelter which stood at Railway Square from 1900 to late 1970s.


Meriton Apartments Pty Ltd
Alan L Wright & Associates Pty Ltd - Consulting Structural + Civil Engineers
Buckton Lysenko Pty Ltd - Consulting Engineers (Hydraulics, Fire, Electrical)
Godden Mackay Logan - Heritage Consultants
Graeme Heine - Heritage Architect
Fabrite Australia Pty Ltd - Contractors
Traditional Stone - Fašade re-erection